Pure Health Ltd was founded in 1997 by Chinese medical practitioner Martin Powell to support his patients and colleagues through the importation and distribution of innovative, unavailable or unaffordable natural health products.

In 1999 Pure Health Ltd took over East West Herb Shop in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden.

In 2003 Pure Health Ltd started distributing books for the Journal of Chinese Medicine, herbal extracts for Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical Co, Taiwan and herbal products for Sen Medicine (a subsidiary of Hutchison China MediTech).

After moving to Newhaven, East Sussex in 2009 Pure Health Ltd then commenced manufacture of own-label herbal and nutritional supplements for the practitioner market as well as supplying contract manufacturing services to other companies.

Starting in 2020 Pure Health’s manufacturing and distribution businesses were transferred to other companies, primarily MycoNutri Ltd and Integrative Health Ltd with Pure Health Ltd continuing to use its knowledge base and experience to support these and other businesses in the natural health sector through the provision of consultancy services as well as working with its extensive network of collaborators to foster innovation in the field of natural healthcare.