We are always on the look out for practitioner-oriented natural product ranges that we feel can make a difference, working with manufacturers to make them available to our customers.


Shang Chang Pharmaceutical Co.勝昌Logo

Established in 1946, Shang Chang has since expanded to be one of the largest Chinese herbal medicine companies in Taiwan, manufacturing a comprehensive range of traditional herbal extracts and formulae to Taiwanese and Japanese government standards.


MycoNutri  MYCONUTRI logo SL CMYK 7627 CS4

Formulated by Martin to provide his patients and fellow practitioners with access to high quality, standardised mushroom supplements combining the benefits of mushroom extracts (hot-water and ethanolic) and mycelial biomass at affordable prices.


Su Wen Herbs home_3treasures_logos

The creation of leading Chinese herbalist and author Giovanni Maciocia, Su Wen Herbs’ Three Treasures, Women’s Treasure and Little Treasures ranges represent the distillation of his clinical experience and research.